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This REVERSIBLE Hooded Poncho is a one size fits all. No blanket, no problem, wrap yourself in one of these Hooded Ponchos. These ponchos are super comfy and cozy. Perfect for curling up on the couch or taking it with you to as an extra layer. This super warm fleece hoodie is lined with a coloured sherpa. These Hooded Ponchos are super fun and can be personalized the way you like it. Stay super warm in frigid temperatures, with our Hooded Ponchos. 


Care Instructions: 

  • Wash in cool water 

  • Gentle cycle, use a phosphate free detergent. 

  • Machine dry at a low temperature.


**Please note all items are made to order, so each piece is made you-unique for you.


***Handmade + Manufactured in Canada

Reversible Hooded Poncho

  • Wash in cool water on a gentle cycle with a phosphate free detergent. Machine dry at a low temperature.