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Always feel great in what you wear!




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Hey there, I’m Patty and the founder of PAL Gear. PAL Gear was created to be a voice for women to express their own you-nique apparel. To be a representation of themselves in the very clothes they wear all day, every day. Be fearless, be bold, be you! After all, you are what you wear.


Whether it be powerful statements on activewear to help you achieve your goals or positive affirmations to keep you focused even on the lounging days, PAL Gear is your fashion vessel. It’s an outlet to be yourself with zero judgement. Our premium quality athleisure wear will definitely be trend setting.


PAL Gear is here to help your you-nique style and personality, stand out from the rest with current fashion trends. 


Want to make your own you-nique design with us? We can also customize a design just for you so reach out anytime to find out how.

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