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Gear up with our printed, customizable PAL gear and apparel. Let your body move and groove in our super cute body suit. All our items are made with a soft polyester with an anti-wicking formula, including a 4-way comfortable stretch. All our items will suit any activity and be perfect for everyday casual wear. Find the right stylish workout wear to wear to the gym and on the streets all with our PAL gear.


Care Instructions:

  • Wash in cool water
  • Gentle cycle, use a phosphate free detergent.
  • Machine dry at a low temperature.


Choose any design available in our collections or choose a custom print exclusive to you. Feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have, prices may vary upon request. 


**Please note all items are made to order, so each piece is made you-unique for you.


***Handmade + Manufactured in Canada

Body Suit

  • Wash in cool water on a gentle cycle with a phosphate free detergent. Machine dry at a low temperature.