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Now you can lounge all day in our printed, hooded tracksuit dress. Made of a soft polyester for that comfortable feel and fitted with a fresh style and flare that's sure to make a statement! Available in seasonal options with a cap or long sleeve. All our items will suit any activity and be perfect to hit the streets. Customize your hooded tracksuit dress your way, to satisfy your creative conscience.



  •  Each dress is made to order.
  •  Handmade and manufactured in Canada.


Care Instructions: 

  • Wash in cool water 

  • Gentle cycle, use a phosphate free detergent. 

  • Machine dry at a low temperature.


**Please note all items are made to order, so each piece is made you-unique for you.


***Handmade + Manufactured in Canada

Lounge Dress

  • Wash in cool water on a gentle cycle with a phosphate free detergent. Machine dry at a low temperature.